The Village of Glenview

Comprehensive Plan

2016 Comprehensive Plan Update

Please click the link below to visit the "Glenview Looking Forward" homepage and learn more about the Comprehensive Plan Update, upcoming meetings, and how to get involved. If you wish to be added to the mailing list for the project, please  send your contact information to Tony Repp at and you will receive regular updates about the Comprehensive Plan Update.

Comprehensive Plan Committee

  • Kerry Cummings - Chair
  • Katie Siegel – Zoning Board of Appeals representative
  • Ellen Dickson – Plan Commission representative
  • Mike Burton – Plan Commission representative
  • Henrietta Saunders – Natural Resources Commission representative
  • Judy Beck – Environmental Review Committee representative
  • Brian Duff – Resident
  • Chris Northwick – Resident
  • David Gonzalez – Resident
  • Bill Mcfadden – Resident
  • Peggy Chambers – Resident
  • Rita Planey - Resident
  • Charlie Kuhn – Resident
  • Tim Spillane – Resident
  • Rich Carrigan - Resident
  • Peter Stamatis - Resident
  • Jeff Lawler– Resident

What is the Comprehensive Plan Update?

The Comprehensive Plan is intended to guide the Village in its planning efforts over the next 10 to 20 years.  It will provide the tools the Village can use to preserve and enhance its existing qualities while allowing it to reach its fullest potential as a community.

The Village of Glenview recently hired Matrix Design Group, Inc., a multi-disciplinary consulting firm, to produce an update of the Village's 2004 Comprehensive Plan. Its expertise covers all facets of community planning and development planning, engineering, landscape architecture, environmental services, GIS, transportation and other professional and technical services for both public and private clients throughout the country.  To supplement its national perspective, Matrix will use local sub-consultants in the fields of planning (Teska and Associates), fiscal analysis (Business District Inc.) and traffic (Sam Schwartz Engineering).

Preliminary project schedule


Comprehensive Plan History

The 2004 Comprehensive Plan for the Village of Glenview updated the 1990 Village Comprehensive Plan. It was developed at a time when Glenview was experiencing unprecedented growth and redevelopment, brought about, in part, by the 1993 closure of the 1,121-acre Naval Air Station Glenview and its subsequent redevelopment as the Glen.

Each update of the plan is intended to guide the Village in its planning efforts for 10 to 20 years.

Glenview's planning history dates back to 1954, when the Village adopted its first plan, "Planning with Glenview." The plan was revised in 1960; updated as part of the 1969 Northfield Township Comprehensive Plan, and then again in 1990.