The Village of Glenview

Development Center

The Development Center is located at the front counter within the Community Development Department. The Development Center is the first point of customer contact for all Community Development-related services. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment by effectively and efficiently providing the highest level of customer service through increased access to staff, establishment of clear expectations, and simplifying development processes.


The Development Center staff will respond to walk-in, email, and phone inquiries related to planning, engineering, building permits, inspections, capital project improvements, and complaints. Customers will also be able to submit permit applications, have simple permits issued over-the-counter, obtain a small/medium sized permit through our same day review (SDR) process, submit large sized permits through the traditional plan review process, schedule building and engineering inspections, and/or receive technical and administrative assistance.

Development Center hours

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday  (excluding holidays)

When is a permit required?

How do I apply for a Building Permit?

Codes and local code amendments

Specific building regulations, local code amendments, and ordinances can be found on the Ordinances and Codes webpage.

Over-the-counter permits/Same Day Reviews

Same Day Review (SDR) plan review services are available to residents, developers, builders, and property owners from 8 :30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding holidays).

SDR comments will be made available on-demand via the SDR process for the following permit types:
Building Interior Building Exterior Other Structures Yard Exterior Underground
Minor Remodeling Single-Family Additions Detached Garages Driveways Sewer Repairs
Interior Demolition Foundation Repairs Sheds Residential Fences Yard Drains
HVAC Roofing Decks Commercial Fences Electrical Services
Plumbing Siding Pergolas / Arbors Pet Runs Water Service Repairs
Drywall A/C Units Gazebos Patios Drain Tile
Vehicle Charger Stoops / Stairs Swimming Pools Sidewalks Rain Gardens
Fire Damage Repairs Downspouts / Sump Discharge Pool Removal Generators Lawn Sprinklers
Fireplaces Fire Damage Repairs Parking Lot Repairs Outdoor Kitchen
RPZs Sunrooms Tree Houses Sports Courts
Slab Replacement Porches Guesthouses Fire Pits  

Traditional permits

Numerous permit types may be too complex or may require review and approval from local commissions prior to permit issuance. Initial traditional permit reviews are typically available within two weeks and are required for the following permit types:

Single-Family Residential Commercial Multi-Family Residential Other
New Single-Family Residence New Commercial Building New Multi-Family Building Wireless Telecommunications
Single-Family Addition(s) Commercial Addition(s) Multi-Family Addition(s) Small Cell Facility
Pre-Application Site Analysis Commercial Remodeling Multi-Family Remodeling Utility Permits
Demolition Demolition Demolition New Water Service
Foundation Only Foundation Only Foundation Only Tree Removal
Elevators Elevators Elevators Construction Trailers

Third-party plan reviews

Several permit types require specialized review by third-party professionals prior to permit issuance. The following permit types should be submitted directly to Fire Safety Consultants, Inc. (FSCI) at its offices at 2420 Alft Lane, Elgin, IL 60124, (847) 697-1300:

Fire Alarm Systems Fire Sprinkler Systems Commercial Hoods / Ducts Ansul Systems (Wet or Dry Chemicals)

Online permits

If you find it more convenient to apply for any permit remotely, online applications can be remitted 24/7 via the Village's ePermits website tools.

E-Permits Logo
Apply Online
Submit Digital Plans
Check Permit Status
Pay Permit Fee(s)

Inspection information

After issuance of your permit, various inspections may be required. To review required inspections for your permits, please see the following resources:



Inspections can be scheduled 24 hours or more in advance by contacting the Inspectional Services Inspections line at (847) 904-4320.

"A.M" inspections are performed between 7:30 a.m. and 12 noon.

"P.M." inspections are available from March through October only and are performed between 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.  

Development Center contacts

General Inquiries
Rebecca Battaglia​ ​Permit Technician ​(847) 904-4330
Sherry Goldstein ​Administrative Clerk ​(847) 904-4330

Building & Zoning
Chris Gray​ ​Development Center Manager ​(847) 904-4325
Arnold Ibardaloza​ ​Plan Review Aide (​847) 904-4239

Dan Powers​ ​Plan Review Engineer ​(847) 904-4329
​Corey Van Dyk ​Plan Review Engineer ​(847) 904-4329
Lindsey Zver​ ​Plan Review Engineer ​(847) 904-4329


Contact the Inspectional Services Division at (847) 904-4330 or by email to

Vacant property

The Village considers buildings to be vacant if they remain boarded or in a state of deterioration for more than six months and/or no longer have a current property listing contract. As such, they are detrimental to public health and safety, contribute to the decrease in value of surrounding properties, precipitate disinvestment by neighboring owners, provide a location for criminal activity and undermine the aesthetic character of the neighborhood and the Village.


It is the obligation of the owner of a vacant property, per Village ordinance, to register the property and to implement a maintenance plan. The form below must be filled out and a $200 application fee paid.