The Village of Glenview

Emergency Notification System

​You can receive notification about local emergencies quickly via the Village's Emergency Notification System. The ENS can deliver information to the entire Village -- or to targeted areas -- at a rate of up to 60,000 calls an hour.

The system is designed to pass along information in the event of an emergency about:

  • evacuations and shelter locations
  • shelter-in-place locations
  • flood warnings
  • extended utility interruptions affecting all or a signification portion of the Village (or region)
  • public health incidents
  • specific police operations; for example, incidents such as lost children or fleeing suspects

The ENS can provide alerts via emails and text messages, in addition to telephone calls.

If you’ve already registered your cell phone number, and you’d like to add text and/or email, you’ll need to re-subscribe. Just visit the Enrollment Webpage (see the link below) and fill it out again – the system will automatically update your record.  If you enter your email and cell phone provider into the system, you may receive notification via telephone, text and email during an emergency.

Once in the system, you'll need to provide first and last name, your street address (not a P.O. box), city, state, ZIP code and primary phone number -- as well as any additional phone numbers, and (if you choose) your email address. None of this information will be used for any other purpose.

Sign up by clicking this link​

​Download the mobile alert app

Something to remember: The system is geographically based, so if you move but keep your phone number, you'll need to change your address in the database.