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Village Board opposes O'Hare interim Fly Quiet program

​The Village Board of Trustees went on record February 19, 2019 opposing the proposed Interim Fly Quiet program for O'Hare International Airport.

The Fly Quiet program, established in 1997, seeks to spread the impacts of between 100 and 200 overnight flights (10 p.m. to 7 a.m.) that create aircraft noise at O'Hare. It would be implemented for about two years until the O'Hare Modernization Program is completed. Under the current proposal, east-west parallel runways are used in odd-numbered weeks and diagonal northeast-southwest runways are used in even-numbered weeks. That schedule puts airplanes over Glenview on the 22R and 4L runways every two weeks. (Read about the Fly Quiet program here)

The Village President and Board of Trustees are opposed to the draft interim Fly Quiet plan for the following reasons:

  • The Village is concerned about the drastic percentage increase of airline flights over Glenview in the proposed interim Fly Quiet program compared to the O’Hare Modernization Plan. The interim Fly Quiet plan significantly impacts the Village, particularly during nighttime hours.
  • There is minimal soundproofing completed on home, schools and other buildings in the northwest quadrant outside of O’Hare. There is significant soundproofing completed on buildings to the east and west of O’Hare and these areas should be utilized for the interim Fly Quiet program.
  • There is a safety concern with limiting pilots to a two-hour window to request a longer runway as part of the interim Fly Quiet program procedures.
  • There are additional rotation patterns to allow the north and south runways to run independently; these should be incorporated into the interim Fly Quiet program.
  • An Environmental Impact Study (EIS) was not completed as part of the draft interim Fly Quiet program plan and should be completed to review all impacts as compared to the O'Hare Modernization Program.
  • The Village endorses change to federal law to allow reasonable flight curfews during nighttime hours (midnight to 5 a.m.).

Glenview residents are encouraged to send letters to the Federal Aviation Administration during the public comment period by February 27, 2019 to oppose the recently proposed Interim Fly Quiet program. Comments received, as well as FAA’s responses to those comments, will be included in the Final Re-Evaluation of the interim Fly Quiet program.

Comments can be submitted online at:

Comments can also be mailed, faxed, or emailed to the address below. Comments must be postmarked, submitted online, via email or fax by midnight, February 27, 2019.

  • By letter to: Ms. Amy Hanson
    Federal Aviation Administration
    2300 East Devon Avenue
    Room 320
    Des Plaines, IL 60018
  • By fax to: (847)294-7046
  • By email to:

For more details, background and the Board resolution: