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Comment on compost facility

Patriot Acres is applying to the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency for a permit to develop and operate a landscape waste compost facility at 9800 E. Central Road in unincorporated Cook County, on 25 acres leased at the Des Plaines landfill all within 160 acres of the landfill owned by the Catholic Bishop of Chicago, an Illinois corpporation. The entrance to the facility is from the existing location along Central Road.

The facility will accept composting landscape wastes such as leaves, grass clippings and brush and additives approved by the IEPA.

The operator received a Special Use from Cook County on May 10, 2017 to allow the facility within the I-1 Industrial Restricted District zoning classification subject to conditions in Ordinance SU-17-01.

Comments can be directed to the IEPA in writing until December. Send to: Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Permit Section, Division of Land Pollution Control, 1021 North Grand Avenue East, Springfield, IL 62974-9276. Or phone (217) 524-3300.